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How to Guard Your Personal Privacy and Safety While Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites for businesses. The purpose of linked in is for businesses to link with other businesses. The idea is to network with other companies in your own and related industries to further business and share industry information.
And, this would be all great, except that LinkedIn is also a place where you can be targeted by stalkers, both personally and professionally, probably when you’re least expecting it. Therefore, there are certain safeguards you should keep in mind if you have a business profile on LinkedIn.

Posting too much about yourself or your business online can pose hazards to you and your company’s safety and security. LinkedIn along with Facebook is a site frequented by admitted internet stalkers who are seeking to learn information about you, your whereabouts and people or companies you know or do business with.

If you feel you must use linked in take a couple of steps to keep sensitive information and contacts private.

LinkedIn’s privacy settings has some allowances to help preserve your privacy. One thing you should do is disable the “Connections Browse” feature, which can be found under “Settings.” This will keep your contacts list safe.

While you’re at “Settings,” disable the “Profile Views” feature, as well. This keeps information about where you’ve been within the site safe from prying eyes.

Review the information you have and make sure your privacy settings with regard to what other information you want to share are set the way you really want them.

You can choose who you connect with. Do not connect with people you don’t know.

LinkedIn, at least, tries to keep personal and company information safe. And, if you feel that you are exposing yourself and your company too much, you have the option of permanently deleting your account.